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The Web Is Your Friend(s)

In Lessons Learned, Planning on June 11, 2009 at 2:44 am

How do you choose what to do during your recess and prepare for it?  You can talk to your friends and acquaintances about it, but you may not have the time and access to make this possible.   There are several web options to make an informed decision utilizing all the social elements of the web.  Skip the search engines and find an informed stranger.


For example, when I was planning on having a photography day… I had a plethora of options from taking a free class, talking to a photographer, reading some books, watching instructional videos but was quickly paralyzed by the options.  After using the social web for advice, I landed on executing a project to explore my creativity and practice my photography skills.   Here are some tactics I used to leverage the collective knowledge across the web:

Twitter – Search and Ask.  Do a search to see who are the influencers in your specific subject then reach out and ask them for advice.

Facebook – Your friends and family are a major resource.  Let them know you are looking for some info/advice and someone will guide you in the right direction.

Make it Public – Put it out there for the world to know. Status updates, profiles, tweets, email signature, whatever is at your fingertips to distribute your request.  The man sitting next to you on the train may end up being a wealth of wisdom and expertise.

Aardvark – Great new service that connects you to people that are experts on specific topics.  Check it out at…this was really helpful when I had specific questions.

Forums – This space is a bit strange but is a true community of indiviuals with a wealth of knowlegdge that want to share. Take advantage.

If you have additional suggestions, let me know.  Thanks.


Do You Need a Recess?

In Lessons Learned on June 7, 2009 at 2:45 pm


When I decided to create time for my personal endeavors, it was a simple idea.  However it quickly evolved in more than that.  We started to create a branded movement entitled 7Day Recess.  The nucleus of 7Day Recess is inspiring our generation to continue to dream, invest in themselves, and realize their potential.  This hopefully will equate to a more satisfied and purposeful existence for the millennial generation.

Sounds crazy but as I told more and more people, our conversations seemed to unveil their secret passion/hobby/dream/interest/venture that has disintegrated away from their ambitious grips.  Stories popped up about designing posters in college, writing and performing poetry in their hometown, dreaming of launching an online jewelry store, reevaluating their career path, or just wanting to start over.   These were the responses from the decreasing class of the employed.

The unemployed had a slightly varied sentiment based on their abundance of time.  Most loved the idea because it provided focus and structure for their new found schedules.  Many were currently traveling, enjoying their time, looking for new jobs, and simply just worrying about the future.  Some were re-evaluating themselves.  Overall, no one had a strategy or focus for how to spend their time wisely.

After all these conversations, we realized the 7Day Recess was about creating time and leveraging the potential of that time.  So if you can’t find time or have too much time, consider creating some time that is dedicated to you.  It doesn’t have to be a month…choose a week.  It doesnt have to be July…choose the best timing.  Just don’t let time steal your dreams.

Check our Facebook page, blog, and worksheets to help you plan your own 7Day Recess.