The Spotlight


What is this blog all about?

Evaluating and discovering my personal brand through the 7Day Recess movement.  Ever felt like you have invested too much in other brands but not your own? Like you don’t have time to pursue your ideas, dreams, hobbies? or since you graduated there has been a constant grind with no halftime or timeouts?

That is why I am taking a month off (you can join me).  This is my life and my time so I’m opting to ensure it’s spent in a timeless, rewarding way. This site is your window into a methodical materialization of the name you find tucked tightly between some w’s and .com over the course of the next few weeks.

Myself and the site will take many shapes & forms until we eventually slip into a cocoon and emerge as a new lifeform.  Get acquainted with the caterpillar and stay tuned for the metamorphisis.  out.


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