The Spotlight

DaySixteen – Discretionary Day

In Planning on July 28, 2009 at 3:22 am


*UPDATE – Results Here*

As I take on all these small daily projects and gain different exposure, I felt like it was necessary to have a free floating day to my discretion.

What if I start a project and don’t have the time to finish it?  or there is something I forgot to include in the mix?

Who knows… which is the exciting part for me.  This is an extremely crafted yet highly unpredictable month I am approaching.  I have everything mapped out but the experiences, my growth, my clarity is all unknown.  I may end this time and realize I don’t like anything or am more confused than ever before or it made be the most formative I have to date.  Who knows but that’s the beauty of the journey.

The discretionary day is almost symbolic in the sense that I have a day to use my own discretion and do what I please.  Freedom is rare.

Right now I am leaning towards writing this article I have been working on or doing another painting.


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