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DayEighteen Onwards – Jamaica

In Planning on July 27, 2009 at 1:47 am


After a few weeks of work and planning, it was only right for me to take a true ‘break’ or vacation. So the plan is to hop on the plane for 9 days of sun, family, friends, music, food (jerk chicken), drinks (rum punch), and the beach.

Jamaica is like my second home and offers a perfect retreat/escape from life.  It allows me to get back to the simple pleasures in life.  Just begin able to sit out front of my grandmother’s house look at the ocean in the distance, catch a cool breeze and appreciate life and the world.

In addition I realized its important to capture my family’s stories.  So I want to invest some time in capturing stories tucked away in my living family tree that may end up not being told or lost.  So I will bring a video camera and interview the older members of my family to build a growing catalog of family knowledge.

  1. This has to be the idea I love the best. I recently lost grandmom and one of the things I loved best about our relationship with her is that we would sit with her and she would tell stories from her youth, and her travels. Take our time with this one it just might be the most valuable one yet not just for you but for your children as well.

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