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Philosophy Day Results

In Results on July 17, 2009 at 2:20 am

Nothing tangible to present today after reading all day but I will share my experiences:

1. Subway Ride

Reading on the subway was actually great because it was an experience of aimlessly riding without continually looking for a stop.  I ended up in Coney Island, stopped at Nathan’s and read on the beach for about an hour. I completed one book and made it halfway through the other.

2. What I learned

I read Philosophy Gym and Story of Philosophy which are both great books for anyone who is interested.  The books provide tools to apply a philosophical approach to life.  It also presents different philosophical questions/situations with many perspectives.  Reading each section is great exercise for developing your thought.

Mainly, the books helped sharpen mental clarity in the attempt to seek truth and define certain topics and questions. I didn’t reach any definitive conclusions, but I recognized that the value is in the iterative process of training yourself to find truth through philosophy.  What also came to the forefront is the importance of stepping back from life to examine it, otherwise, we become sheep to all of society’s values, morals, and philosophies.

3. A few small quotes

“One thing only I know, and that is that I know nothing”

“Philosophy is at the front trench in the siege of truth. Science is captured territory.”

“Life is  gift of nature, but beautiful living is a gift of wisdom.”

“Every individual is a cosmos or a chaos of desires, emotions and ideas; let these fall into harmony, and the individual survives and succeeds…”


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