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DayFive+Six – Video Project

In Planning on July 16, 2009 at 3:27 pm


The Reason:
I previously worked on a developing a brand, RESET, that was based on video content and eventually evolved into a video production project RESET Creative.  We believe video is one of the most powerful formats for story telling.  We also believe NY was a gold mine of characters with endless stories to tell.  These two thoughts got blended together into a vision to create an ongoing series that captures the dreams, stories, and insights into the people that make NY the most amazing city in the world.  Everyone has a dream, a hustle, and a story and we want to document it and share it.  So once again this is another dream that was deferred and now placed back in the forefront.

The Plan:

On the initial day we will hit the streets of NY trying to capture our vision for this series working title call, “In a NY Minute”.   The pilot installation will focus on the myriad of characters that fill NY’s concrete stage but focused on a specific segment of NYer.  Out options are street food vendors, street artists, street vendors …please let us know which one you like the most or if you have another idea (Street food vendors is winning). We have developed a style, set of questions (if you have questions you want ask, let me know too), and overall vision of the execution that we will reveal at the end of July.  Stay Tuned.

The Outcome:

The first pilot will help us determine how to optimize our production process, solidify our approach, and begin the get feedback for the future.  If we are happy with the product, we will create more in the series.   Then we will really jump into building out a true series and see what happens from there.


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