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In Results on July 14, 2009 at 1:54 am

This has been a good kick start to my time off.

Woke Up. Worked Out. Watched Morning TV. Handle Emails. Then got into it…

I just kept reading articles, visiting sites, downloading PDF’s and the best part was I never felt any anxiety that I should be doing anything else.  I feel refreshed already.  I realized it was great to re-engage with the industry that I am part of for many reasons:

– I was reacquainted with the creativity, ideas, solutions, and great thinking that originally inspired me

– Re-established the type of work and problems that I always want to solve

– I’m also excited for all the potential that is yet to come. The promise of an interesting yet unknown future is what keeps me motivated.

Here are a few nuggets of thought from today’s conquest:

Social Media in the Future

It’s the hot topic. There is a lot of hype.  A lot of potential.  An article mentioned all media becoming digital from TV to print,   I began to wonder the effect that would have on how we consume media?  We already highly connected but now our media would also be part of our social identity.  I immediately thought of this physical radio that utilized social media.   I wouldn’t listen to traditional radio anymore, I would essentially tap into what my Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Gmail contacts…were interested in.  It would be one big incestuous orgy of cyber sharing.  Mass media may become irrelevant…

This thought gave me another reason to continue immersing myself in social media in order to survive in the future.

Clutter of Information

Ironically as I read away all day, I  stumbled across these daunting facts about the information overload that we all face here:

– The total of all printed knowledge doubles every 4-5 years

– 4,000 books are published worldwide every day

A million web pages are created each day

Time remains constant while the information we can consume is rapidly increasing.  If your attention was divided before, its truly a challenge for brands to get any form of engagement from a consumer moving forward.  Marketers need to be bold, simple, and foster the proper frequency to break though in this age of information overload.  (Thanks for spending some of your precious time reading this, ha)

My iPhone Has Changed Me.

This is more of a thought but my iPhone has definitely shifted my web behavior in two ways:

1. I spend increasingly less time accessing the web on a computer and more on my phone

2. I no longer visiting certain websites because “there’s an app for that”

I won’t go any further, but you have to ponder how the smartphone will eventually affect the ‘traditional’ web…

I have more thoughts but I have other things to finish reading. If you want to chat about anything…hit me up?

Looking forward to getting back to work… in a few weeks, ha.

  1. To your point about “Social Media in the Future” – there is so much content out in the world, we can’t even think of consuming it without good filtering or discovery. I think there is a lot of opportunity around this.

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