The Spotlight

DayOne – Marketing/Advertising

In Planning on July 13, 2009 at 4:04 pm


*UPDATE* – Results HERE

The Reason:
Most of my working life has been dedicated to the world of advertising/marketing but thre are still moments in this existence where I feel deprived of time to for some research and learning.  The actual work has become the priority while learning comes through experience.  Earlier in my career, I had less responsibilities that afforded me the time to continually seek new solutions, innovations, and perspective.  I want my first day of recess to revisit my curious mind which will be a perfect transition.

The Plan:
I met with my president, talked to colleagues, and brainstormed to determine what would be the best use of this time.  There were several options that were put on the table from doing a study on how children perceive advertising, to doing a lecture at a local university, to even surveying the city for the most impactful uses of media and advertising.  In the end, those were all great suggestions and ideas but ultimately I really needed to have a relaxed day of research in specific areas that interest me:

–    Read all the backlogged RSS feeds on Google Reader
–    Filter through all the unread newsletters in my inbox
–    Read different agencies visions and perspective
–    Take a deep dive into mobile marketing

The Outcome:

Grab some inspiration.

Determine what I need incorporate once I get back to work.

Become smarter than I was the day before.


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