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DaySeventeen – Connect with Friends

In Planning on June 28, 2009 at 5:38 pm


The Reason:

By this time, I would have spent 16 days doing things for myself.  Reporting on my own journey and experiences…and I should be tired of myself by now.  This will allow me to re-engage in the normal world and see what everyone else has been experiencing.

Above everything else that I am attempting to accomplish, my relationship with with family and friends is what really brings the most value to my life and has helped me achieve most of what I have already done.  Sometimes a small, unexpected call from a friend is all you need and goes a long way, so this day I will use all those rollover minutes I’ve accumulated.

The Plan:

Spend the entire day simply connecting with friends.

That equates to….Reconnecting on Facebook. Twitter followups. Instant Messaging. Phone Calls. GChats. Breakfast with anyone that is available.  Text messages. Lunch downtown in Soho (maybe with co-workers).  One of my favorite shows, Pilobolus, with friends. Dinner. Laughs. Good times.

The Outcome:

I’m sure the day will be filled with smiles, food, drinks, laughter, good stories, and funny voicemails.  A nice way to close my retreat by connecting with those that bring value to my life.

Let me know if you want to meet up.

  1. I want a call on day 16!!!

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