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DayEight – Philosophy Day

In Planning on June 28, 2009 at 5:01 pm

Philosophy pic

*Update: Results Here*

The Reason:
I’ve always considered myself a thinking man.  I also think it is important to think freely, seek truth, and challenge your own beliefs/perspective.  In my limited experiences with philosophy, it has always delivered me to a place of good mental exercise.   So why not steal some wisdom from scholars that dedicated their lives to this type of thought.  Every man needs a few quotes or philosophies to live by so this will start my treasure hunt.

The Plan:
I actually wanted this day to be simple but was unsure of where to begin.  There were tons of Philosophy groups on that would have thrown in the midst of philosophy lovers but I ultimately couldn’t find a meetup that was timed right and/or were discussing the type of philosophy I need.  I eventually got a great recommendation from Aardvark ( to read the Philosophy Gym which offers a great read that will exercise all those thinking muscles.  In addition, I will dust off my copy of The Story of Philosophy which covers all the classic philosophers from Plato to Nietzsche.

I’ve always found the subway to be a great place for me to read with distractions I can tune out or pay attention to when I need a periodic break. The plan is to hop on the D train to get a combo of underground/above ground views and take it to the end to Coney Island, grab a hot dog, read on the Boardwalk, then ride around on MTA all day until I’m done stretching my thoughts.

The Outcome:

A list of quotes that I enjoyed.  An open and free thinking mind.

As a followup for a later date, I was also pointed to Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy as a resource for great articles on many topics:


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