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Why Am I Taking Time Off?…

In Personal Brand on June 15, 2009 at 1:30 am

When people find out I am taking a few weeks off from work, I’ve received a variety of reactions:

Mischievous Smirk – “Are you interviewing?  Are you leaving your job?”  This has been the typical response from co-workers.

Confused Nod of Agreement – “Oh ok, that’s cool. What’s going on?”  They know something is going on but unsure whether to ask me why due to the potential for personal issues that may be serious, religious, or health related.

Elated Smile – “That’s amazing…when exactly and what are you planning?”  People that know recognize this isn’t just a few days off from work, there is a method to the madness.

Notions of Travel – “Where are you going?”  A lot of people automatically think I am going on a major trip across the world to backpack for weeks…which would be cool too.

I never knew this notion of creating time for myself could seem so abstract.  So far my responses have been as simple as, “I just need time to take care of non-work related things in my life.”  If I see an opening, I extend the conversation to clarify why I need this time:

1. Too Many Ideas

My head is flooded with so many ideas but I never have the time to write them down, vet the possibilities, test my hypothesis, or even just pass it along to the right people.

2. Too Many Passions, No Focus

I have many passions… some related and others not, but I never have time to nurture or explore these passions.  This time would help me define how I prioritize each in my life.  Elevate some towards a career path? Push one to a hobby? or just peripherally stay interested in another?

3. Too Little Time

The common denominator. Between a job, girlfriend, family, and friends…when do you have time for yourself.  I struggle to find enough time to really invest in myself and the passions that drive my life.

Ironically I work in advertising/marketing where my primary focus is to develop/promote/elevate our agency’s brands, but spend a minuscule amount of time investing in my own brand. That is why I am taking time off.

If time is money, I’ll take this time to invest in my own personal brand.parking meter


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