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DayThree – Music Creation

In Planning on June 14, 2009 at 1:34 am


The Reason:
Music is a part of everyone’s live.  You can’t avoid it and I used spend a major portion of my time when I was younger experimenting with sound.  I am not a trained musician, I don’t know how to play any instruments (I can bang on some drums though), I can’t read music, but I have always felt that I could apply my natural creativity to the playground of sound.  On summer I was introduced to a program called Impulse Tracker(outdated now) that became an obsessive hobby that relieved stress.  Here are a few tracks that I created about 8 years ago (kinda primitive and video game sounding):

Track titled “Untold Stories”

Track titled “Dre’s Symphony”

Track titled “Dark Tales”

I want to re-engage with this passion and at least experiment to see what can materialize.  In addition, if I ever try to create video/film that requires a soundtrack/music, I need the confidence to provide a solution.

The Plan:
Take over my sound engineer friend’s in-house studio to attempt to develop a few tracks using his MPC.  Tracks that I am considering to sample:

Fleetwood Mac – Albatross
Oren Lavie – Her Morning Elegance
Sebatien Tellier – Anything he has done

By the way, if you don’t know these tracks already, check them out… I love them all.

The Outcome:
Sample a few tracks that have intrigued me over the years and have some fun.


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