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DayEleven – Mac Workshops

In Planning on June 14, 2009 at 5:46 pm


The Reason:
I compare my computer to my brain, not only because the similar functionality between all the wiring, nodes, etc. but also because I use only about 10% of its true power.  If you could somehow capture the potential to utilize more of your brain power, why wouldn’t you?  So that is essentially what I am attempting with the two technologies that I spend the most time with…my iPhone and Macbook Pro.  Hopefully this will increase my productivity and learn new tricks that can enhance my creativity to ultimately spend less time my laptop.

The Plan:

Apple offers free workshops at their retail stores that cover a full spectrum of topics..key word is free.  Check it out here:

Mac Workshops

So my plan is to sit in the air conditioned Soho Mac store all day and take in all the free Mac knowledge.  I will also have access to the Genius Bar so I can ask questions and take diagnostics test all day.  It will also be perfect timing to get to know the iPhone’s upgraded software functionality.

Workshops I’m interested in:
Mac OS Leopard
Presentation Workshops
iMovie and iDVD

The Outcome:
Become one with my Mac as well as streamline all my computer technology to save time.

  1. Check out the Snow Leopard demo’s if you can. I hear they are sweet.

  2. I’m in for the Leopard and Snow Leopard classes… just bought my first mac 20 minutes ago and I have no idea how to use it! what day are you going?

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