The Spotlight

Step 1: Thoughts become reality

In Planning on April 14, 2009 at 3:17 am

If you glance at my Genesis post, it displays a Feb. 28th tweet that was the initial public statement of taking a month off for creative exploration.  It truly was the genesis of the decision but not of the thought.  There has been an urge in the back of mind for awhile now.  The course of time and frustration watered this seedling of a thought… how can I find time to pursue my personal endeavors.  ‘Finding time’ has always been biting away at my soul, but I never I realized I needed to ‘create time’.  The February 28th tweet was the genesis of vocalizing the need to ‘create time’.

That initial step was how this journey began in turning a mere thought into reality.

A simple yet significant step.

Check this post from Mylinia that discusses putting something in motion


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